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Shri Yogesh Gupta

1981/B.Tech/EE CEO, Progress Software Massachusetts, USA

Shri Yogesh Gupta earned his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras in 1981 and later received an MS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1983.
He is currently the President and CEO of Progress Software, a leader in application development platforms, which currently boasts over $400 million in annual revenues & 1,700 other software companies using their platform to sell to thousands of small and large businesses. Shri Yogesh created a new cognitive-first product strategy that enables enterprises to build and deliver modern strategic business applications rapidly and at low cost.
A brilliant manager and leader he has spent 3 decades working across companies to make integration for more productivity, which enabled him to build and deliver modern strategy in business. He has previously lead 2 companies – Kaseya Inc. (2013-2015), and Fatwire (2007-2012) to great success. From 1989 to 2007, Yogesh served in nearly every key leadership role at one of the (then) largest software companies in the world, CA Technologies/Computer Associates, including SVP/Chief Strategist, CTO, SVP/Marketing and Strategy and SVP/Engineering.
He also is equally involved in socially conscious initiatives – Yogesh was instrumental in the creation of the Tech Compact for Social Justice, a group of companies committed to educational programs, financial contributions, improved hiring practices, training and development, advocating for change to public policy and self-reporting on racial diversity, pay parity, and executive and board appointments. As CTO at CA, he helped create the CA Hope Foundation Study Center in Hyderabad, to educate the poorest of the poor children.
He’s also a Co-chairman of the board of directors at MassTLC which is the largest and most powerful technology association in the region, with a mission to accelerate growth, innovation, and the development of an inclusive tech ecosystem in Massachusetts.
For his excellent management and leadership skills for decades and acquiring companies and making integration for more productivity which enabled to build and deliver modern strategy in business, IIT Madras and its Alumni are proud to confer this award upon Shri Yogesh Gupta.

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