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The Alumni of IIT Madras is a valued treasure. Almost all Alumni of IIT Madras go on to achieve great things in life. Despite their achievements, they still keep in touch with their Institute and don't hesitate to lend a helping hand. For this reason, we know we can always count on the support of the Alumni of IIT Madras.

Here is our mission statement:

  • We want to serve as the primary interface between the Alumni and the Institute.
  • We want to give full access to IIT Madras for the Alumni.
  • We want to award Alumni for their contribution to society.
  • We want to reach out to the Alumni of IIT Madras to help to raise funds for various causes related to IIT Madras, such as starting an online education program, building new buildings in the campus, etc.
  • We want to make sure no IIT Madras graduate is missed out or not registered in the Alumni database.
  • We want to use the experience of the Alumni to help junior students to achieve their dreams.
  • We want the Alumni to help serve the faculty of IIT Madras by giving useful feedback, and in the selection of new staff.
  • We want to reach out to the Alumni of IIT Madras by updating them about the goings on in IIT Madras and also to help them if they require it.

Giving Back


The Distinguished Alumnus Awards are presented annually by the Institute. Since the inception of the awards in 1996, 159 alumni have been selected for the award.

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We want to keep our Alumni in touch with the latest IIT Madras news, developments in science and technology, and other related news.


IIT Madras launches world’s first online degree, diploma courses in programming, data science

Indian Institute of Technology- Madras has launched the world’s first ever online degree (B.Sc) and diploma courses in programming and date science.Anyone who has passed class 12th examination can enrol...

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Annual Giving Report

Each year we prepare an annual report to keep track of funds such as donations, research funds, costs and expenses done during the year, income tax reports, etc