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Young Alumni Achiever Award

The Young Alumni Achiever Award felicitates the achievements of young alumni who have shown promise and early success in their professional journeys.

As well as encouraging awardees to achieve further excellence in their chosen careers, this recognition is designed to strengthen their relationship with their alma mater. It identifies individuals who can later contribute time, experience and resources towards the success of future graduates, through mentorships, industry and research collaboration, and other guidance.

IIT Madras invites nominations for the Young Alumni Achiever Award from the year 2021, to honour achievements in the following fields:

Academic achievements and honors, intellectual contributions to fields of expertise, pioneering work, journal papers & citation indices, conference papers, books and book chapters, number of Ph.D. scholars guided, visiting professorships, lectureships, fellowships in professional associations, student mentoring & welfare activities, peer testimonials, awards & recognition

Innovations in application of technology, achievements in design & development, awards & recognition (external & internal), technical leadership activities & positions, fellowships in professional organizations, patents & publications, contributions towards, industry standards, collaborations with academia, community service

Significant entrepreneurial skills & accomplishments, creating or contributing to a support structure for entrepreneurs, success of start-ups in establishing market presence, achieving scale in operations & societal reach, awards & recognition, coaching & advisory activities

Significant accomplishments in various areas—service to society, excellence in public administration, notable achievements in media & fine arts, leadership and innovation, scale of impact.

Nomination Criteria:

  1. The nominee must be under forty years of age on 30th Oct (inclusive) of the relevant year as the nominations would close.
  2. Nominations are considered for three years from the year of nomination or until the nominee turns forty, whichever is earlier.
  3. The nominee should:
    • • have excelled early in their professional journey, and show potential for continued success;
    • • have received recognition for significant professional contributions or discoveries, or creative work, through honours, awards, and/or press coverage;
    • • have received recognition for leadership qualities in professional and/or community circles;
    • • have attained progressively increasing positions of responsibility within their organisation or field of work;
    • • be an outstanding role model for current and future students of IIT Madras; and
    • • maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with IIT Madras.

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