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Dr. Ram Duvvuru Sriram

1980/B.Tech/CE Chief, Software and Systems Division, ITL @ National Institute of Standards and Technology Maryland, USA

Dr. Ram D. Sriram’s technical leadership in design automation and health care informatics spans nearly three decades in academia and government.
Sriram was appointed as the Chief of the Software and Systems Division (SSD) in the Information Technology Laboratory at NIST in October 2010. From 1994 until 2010, Sriram was the leader of the Design and Process group in the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, where he conducted research on standards for interoperability of computer-aided design systems. Prior to joining NIST, he was on the engineering faculty (1986-1994) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was instrumental in setting up the Intelligent Engineering Systems Laboratory. As chief of SSD, has provided strategic vision and technical direction for software for metrology, metrology for software, and systems interoperability in this role. Sriram also serves as the program manager for the NIST Health IT programs. Standard terminologies, ontologies, data formats, and interchange languages are at the core of Health IT and engineering. Sriram’s position at NIST has enabled him to take a leading role in the development and application of such standards for more than two decades in the health care and engineering domains. Sriram’s research has led to more than 275 publications, including several books. Sriram’s publications are well-cited, with several attaining over 100 citations.
He received the ASME Design Engineering Division’s 2011 Design Automation Award, the ASME Computers in Engineering Division’s 2016 lifetime achievement award in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the discipline of computers and information in engineering. He is the only U.S. federal government employee to receive these awards. Sriram is also the first recipient of the Washington Academy of Sciences’ Distinguished Career in Engineering Sciences in 2015. In 2018, Sriram received the Carnegie Mellon University’s Civil and Environmental Engineering’s (CMU CEE’s) Lt. Col. Christopher Raible Distinguished Public Service Award. Sriram has been elected a fellow of the following societies: the ASME, AAAS, IEEE (Computer Society), Solid Modeling Association, INCOSE, and the Washington Academy of Sciences. Additionally, he is a Senior Member of AAAI and a Distinguished Member of ACM.
For pioneering work in developing novel technologies to support collaborative engineering design and new representations to facilitate interoperability among CAD/CAM/CAE systems, with significant impact in industry and academia, IITM and its Alumni are proud to confer this award upon Dr. Ram Duvvuru Sriram.

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