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Mr. Mahesh Wagle

1976 - B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering Founder & Director @ Cybernetik Technologies Pvt Ltd

Shri Mahesh Wagle received his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras in 1976, followed by an MS in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo in 1981. He is the founder and director of Cybernetik Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which designs path-breaking technologies in areas covering automation in the process, manufacturing and agricultural process industry.
After graduating from IITM, he had a brief stint as a Graduate Trainee Engineer at Tata Motors (then TELCO), following which he completed an MS in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo, where he initiated research in actuator load dynamics which led to a research program for over ten years in the department.
He briefly worked as a senior design engineer at Keller Technology Corporation before returning to India. Back home in Pune, he founded Buffalo Design Research Pvt Ltd, which grew into Cybernetik Technologies Pvt. Ltd, in the next few years. Over the years, Shri Mahesh has worked in all areas of engineering, starting from mechanical engineering to instrumentation, controls, robotics, process, and smart factory automation.
Today, Cybernetik Technologies employs more than 400 people spread over four plants. It has progressed from a design only company to a large-scale design and manufacturing company. This company has also diversified from manufacturing agricultural and pharmaceutical equipment in the eighties to food processing, distillation, automation and robotics today. The company also manufactures microbreweries to make craft beers. Fully Automated Conveyance & Distribution System, Laser point cloud, High-Speed Vision, and Machine Intelligence are the latest technologies offered by his company to the global customer base.
For his achievements in the field of manufacturing and his contributions to the industry in India, IIT Madras and its alumni are proud to confer this award upon Shri Mahesh Wagle.

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