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Dr. Raghu Ramakrishnan

1983 - B.Tech - Electrical Engineering Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison & Vice President and Rese @ Yahoo! Research

Dr. Raghu Ramakrishnan is currently Vice-President and Research Fellow at Yahoo! Research, heading the Community Systems group. He has been on the faculty of University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1987, and is currently Professor of Computer Science (on leave). He was also the Founder, CTO and Chairman of QUIQ, Inc. during the period 1999-2002. He received his B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) degree from IIT Madras and his PhD from University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Ramakrishnan’s research is in the area of database systems, in particular data storage and retrieval, query optimization, and data mining. His paper on the Birch Clustering Algorithm is one of the most widely cited database publications over the past decade, and received the 10-year Test of Time Award in 2006 from ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD). His work on the Magic Sets optimization and extension of relational queries over ordered relations have advanced commercial database systems and influenced the ANSI/ISO SQL:1999 standard. He received the ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award for his significant contributions to the field of database systems, and was elected Fellow of ACM in 2001.

He has written the standard text “Database Management Systems”, which is used world-wide, including at leading Indian and US universities. He was elected Chair of ACM SIGMOD in 2006. He is on the Board of Directors of ACM SIGKDD (Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery in Databases) and VLDB (Very Large Databases) Endowment.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of database systems and Computer Science in general, IIT Madras and its alumni are proud to confer on him this award.

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