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IIT Madras launches free course on creative thinking using math, apply by Aug 9

IIT Madras launches free course on creative thinking using math, apply by Aug 9

IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation has launched yet another free, online course for students and professionals who want to upgrade their creative thinking process.

Registrations are now open for its innovative ‘Out of the Box Thinking’ (OOBT) through mathematics course. This course is designed to nurture creative thinking among school students, college students, and working professionals.

The OOBT course is available online and free of cost, aiming to reach up to one million learners.

The course, led by Sadagopan Rajesh, the founder-director of Aryabhatta Institute of Mathematical Sciences, is designed to enhance creative problem-solving skills through mathematics.

According to Professor V Kamakoti, Director of IIT Madras, “‘Out of the box’ thinking is crucial for solving real-world problems innovatively.” This approach encourages learners to think beyond standard methods, fostering creativity and leading to novel solutions in various fields.

The course is structured into four levels, each lasting 10 weeks, and includes periodic assignments and solutions. Registration is open until August 9, 2024, with the course commencing on August 10, 2024.

Interested learners can register and check for more information at IIT Madras Pravartak.

An optional in-person proctored exam will be available in December 2024 across various Indian cities for a nominal fee. Successful participants will receive a grade certificate from IIT Madras Pravartak.

This initiative provides an additional incentive for learners to engage deeply with the course material.


IIT Madras Pravartak has partnered with schools to extend the benefits of the OOBT course. Schools can nominate teachers as coordinators to promote and facilitate the course, ensuring student participation and providing necessary support

Active schools and coordinators will be recognized for their contributions. Schools interested in this initiative can register on the official website linked above.

To further promote the course, IIT Madras Pravartak has teamed up with BodhBridge Education. This partnership aims to reach a larger number of schools and students across India, enhancing the impact of this innovative educational initiative.


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