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Gopalan Raman

” Hmmm… I don’t have to pay Estate taxes.  No.  The foremost motivation is IITm is a Bharatiya Pradhana Vidhyasala, revered both inside and outside of India, with unparalleled dedicated faculty and students, a rare combination.  Next, one can never go wrong in giving for education.  The old Tamil saying of coconut tree “Thaanunda neerai thalaiyale thaan tharuthalal” had always an impact on us.  We always admired visionaries like Annamalai Chettiar, Alagappa Chettiar and noble Jawaharlal Nehru (instrumental for starting IIT).  Funds helping students unknown to us for many years to come leads to exceptional joy.  Indian philosophers called it vidyadhana.  Lastly, we recognize we have helped only in a very small way.”