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Dr. Ashok Khanna

1967 - B.Tech - Mechanical Engineering CMD @ Controls and Swithgear Group

Mr. Ashok Khanna is the Managing Director and Director (Technical) of the Controls & Switchgear group of companies, which he co-founded while still a student at IIT Madras. His great vision, pure determination and dedication, helped fulfill his dream of promoting in India international quality in the field of power distribution, generation, automation and control. His group is a world class electrical engineering project management and component manufacturing group in the country. It has India’s only mail order service, featuring a 2000-page catalogue for industrial components. Today, the group has 2000 employees including 350 qualified and trained engineers, and 10 manufacturing plants in and around Delhi equipped with the latest technology. Some of the world’s most renowned electrical engineering companies have sought to collaborate with his company and have joint ventures.

He served as a member of the Indian Standards Institution’s Committee for formation of standard specifications on traffic signs. He is a founder member of the Small Industries Electrical Industry Association and has served on the Boards of national chambers of commerce, industry associations and clubs.

In recognition of the outstanding entrepreneurship, leadership and professional accomplishments of Mr. Ashok Khanna, IIT Madras and its Alumni are proud to present him this award.

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