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Memories of IIT-M

My fondest memory of IIT-Madras, surprisingly, had nothing to do with the curriculum. The memory that stands out among many is the Inter-Hostel Sports Competition. This annual event brought together students from different hostels, competing fiercely in various sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, chess, and bridge. When I first arrived at Ganga hostel, it quickly became clear that sports were at the core of the hostel’s DNA, bringing everyone together. It was a time of intense rivalry and immense fun, and looking back, I realize it taught me valuable lessons about teamwork and camaraderie. This tradition required every hostel to invest hours away from the busy academic schedule, strategizing and honing their skills before vying for the ultimate trophy and bragging rights.

One of the remarkable aspects of the Inter-Hostel Sports Competition was its ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds and interests. I recall witnessing students who would usually have little in common working together towards a shared objective. It was a great lesson in diversity and the power of collaboration. And, of course, there were always a few friendly pranks and good-natured ribbing thrown in for good measure. Looking back, I realize that the lessons I learned during those sports competitions have remained with me till this day. As a working professional, I deeply understand the significance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving shared goals. I also hold cherished memories of the friendships that blossomed during those competitions—friendships that have endured long after our graduation. I learned to work hard for success and celebrate victories while also graciously accepting defeats (which I am still learning). Some of my most cherished friendships in life were forged during those days, and I eagerly anticipate recreating some of those memories during our upcoming 25-year celebration—perhaps even with a fun round of soccer or ping pong with the crew.

Maheshwar Saireddy
BTech, ME, 2000

About the Author:

Mahesh is a partner at Goldman Sachs and is the head of the US Mortgage and Structured Products businesses. He is also serves as a co-chair of the Global Banking & Markets Investment Committee and a member of the Partnership Committee and Global Banking & Markets – Public Inclusion and Diversity Committee.

Mahesh previously held the position of Head of US Mortgage Trading and also ran various trading businesses within the organization. Mahesh joined Goldman Sachs in 2008 and prior to joining the firm, Mahesh was a senior vice president at Lehman Brothers.

Mahesh holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, obtained in 2001. He also possesses a BTech in Mechanical Engineering, which he earned from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1998.

Mahesh dedicates his time to several noteworthy endeavors. He is the Treasurer and on the Board of Corlears, a non-profit school in Manhattan.. He also serves on the Board of YouthINC, an organization that accelerates youth development initiatives across New York City. Additionally, Mahesh works with Akanksha, IIT-M, and various other organizations in India, emphasizing his commitment to “access to education”

Originally hailing from Hyderabad, Mahesh now resides in Manhattan with his wife and two children. He enjoys travelling with his family, Playing Golf and listening to music with a particular affinity for Bollywood.