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IIT Madras invites applications to Executive Education Programs in 5 industry-relevant domains

IIT Madras invites applications to Executive Education Programs in 5 industry-relevant domains

Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE, formerly CCE) IIT Madras, which coordinates all non-campus academic & outreach activities from IIT Madras, has launched a series of certification programs in cutting-edge areas that are currently relevant and in high demand.

These 6-month executive education programs are exclusively meant for working professionals who want to upskill themselves or explore new domains. Traditionally, such programs from IITs have been delivered in person over one or two weeks. In an effort to reach learners from various parts of the country and provide the necessary flexibility for learners who may not be able to take time off, these programs are now being delivered online. 

The 5 certification programs for which registrations are currently open below start on 1st July 2023. The last date to register for these programs is 20th June 2023.  

Course Mode: ONLINE – Recorded lectures on weekdays and Online Live session on Saturdays.

The course is structured in the following manner:

  1. Participants need to watch around 6 hours of video content (not more than 3 hours in a particular module) every week. 
  2. A live interaction session would be scheduled every Saturday with the corresponding faculty to discuss the module content and clarify queries. The duration of this session would be 1 hour.

1.Quantum Computing

Today, there is widespread interest in quantum computing and information, both in academia and increasingly in industry. There is indeed a pressing need for a quantum-skilled workforce in India. Through this program, the fundamentals of quantum computing will be introduced to a wider group of professionals and they will be equipped with the necessary tools required to become an active part of the emerging quantum ecosystem.

The course is structured as two 12-week modules offered in sequence, starting with the basics through Introduction to Quantum Computing and Qiskit and then moving onto advanced topics through the module Advanced Quantum Computing and Applications. The faculty teaching in this also run the Mphasis sponsored Quantum Computing centre at IIT Madras and have been reaching out through various avenues to popularise this area and train interested people as Quantum is projected to be the next giant leap in computing.

Course Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GVqBhz0YLym5ij8diF0Gve51aYk-6Z-d/view?usp=sharing

Registration Link: https://elearn.nptel.ac.in/shop/iit-workshops/ongoing/quantum-computing/

2.Construction Technology and Management:

This program, which teaches the latest advances in construction technology and management practices is intended for individuals (senior undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals) who are interested in building a career in the field of construction/structural design or infrastructure development. Though the topic might seem very foundational, this course intends to provide specific tools and guidelines that will enhance the skills of aspiring or practicing graduate civil/structural engineers, construction technologists and managers and is taught by a group of very senior faculty of the Civil Engineering department at IIT Madras known for their technical expertise.

Course Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ndH452eX7IsZaWpSFVhJ814npQdfFKw/view?usp=sharing

Registration Link:


3.Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Practicing Engineers:

Additive manufacturing (AM) has emerged as a viable and cost-effective, net shape manufacturing process for low volume production of complex body implants with specific custom-made designs. The potential use of AM for various engineering and biomedical applications is immense. This course is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of pre- and post-processing methodologies, design strategy for additive manufacturing and operational principles of additive manufacturing processes. Practicing engineers can learn about the fundamental principles that govern various additive manufacturing methodologies and how the developed knowledge is applied in service to improve the commercial applicability of available additive manufacturing technologies.

The 6 modules in the course cover topics around Processes, Design, Materials, Post Processing, Testing and Standardization. Learners will also get in-depth knowledge of Applications and Case Studies.

Course Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YBmdY_Lt_p8-q8czYAzd-dZN4kFCzIor/view?usp=sharing

Registration Link:


 4.Operations and Supply Chain Analytics for Strategic Decision Making:

Data-driven decision-making has become very critical in organizations today. Managers need to take critical and important decisions and these decisions need to be based on the information and data available. Decision Theory can aid managers build required frameworks to make optimal decisions. This theory encompasses important elements such as mathematical and empirical modeling. A good manager needs to be skilled in decision-making under uncertainty. This program focuses on building these analytical skills (such as optimization, game theory, probability theory, statistical modeling etc.) and includes modules on applications of these analytical tools to day-to-day decisions the managers are required to take.

This course would be invaluable for managers in any domain and any industry vertical and skill them to substantiate their decisions with data and make more informed choices. The faculty teaching this are from the Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras who have done hundreds of such programs for various companies on request and the content has been carefully curated with input from their experiences on what might be exactly useful and relevant to managers.

Course Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GjUHxBas5jY2y3VaG2-I2m4HDqG2LY3G/view?usp=sharing

Registration Link: 


 5.eMobility and Electric Vehicle Engineering – Cohort 3

With a rapid switch in the focus of the automobile industry, from ICE Vehicles to Electric Vehicles, there is a huge requirement for skilled human resources who have a sound knowledge of Electric Vehicles, and their constituents and ecosystems. The current requirement of the industry and among academicians can only be fulfilled by providing a source of learning in the EV domain. This course is specifically designed to make candidates aware about the Electric Vehicle and its technology, and to act as a bridge between Industry and Academia.

With the successful completion of Cohort 1 (October 2022-April 2023), the participants visited IITM campus on 29th April 2023 to receive their program completion certificate.

Feedback from some participants were as follows

“Not just another online course. It’s very rigorous and you get the opportunity to learn what goes inside EV in-depth.”

“A good starting point for someone who wants to embark on the EV journey.”

“The course is curated to be relevant to the ever-evolving field of EV.”

 “Courses related to the batteries, cooling systems and market acceptance of electric vehicles were thoroughly enjoyable.”

The second cohort is now going on and the registration for the third cohort of eMobility and Electric Vehicle Engineering Course is now open.

Course Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19ZI1KMwMcOh6nGk56Zj1ctWE-xvR4CbC/view?usp=sharing

Registration Link: https://elearn.nptel.ac.in/shop/iit-workshops/ongoing/emobility-and-electric-vehicle-engineering-cohort-3/

The success of the NPTEL and IITM BS programs, which are primarily online teaching initiatives, has spurred IIT Madras to expand the scope of outreach to now focus on industry professionals and offering programs that would help them upskill and reskill without disrupting their work but blending into their schedule. IIT Madras  invites applications for all the above programs and queries can be directed to support-elearn@nptel.iitm.ac.in