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IIT Madras outreach on tech-based CSR projects

IIT Madras outreach on tech-based CSR projects

CHENNAI: Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is conducting an outreach on corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes to corporate firms to create awareness of the various technological innovations underway at IIT Madras to provide high-impact solutions to key societal issues facing the country.

The move is part of the institute’s effort to drive its message of technology for everyone to industry leaders and corporate firms in the area of corporate social responsibiliy collaborations, said a press release.

The IITM held a ‘Technology for Everyone’ CSR conclave in Mumbai on Tuesday that highlighted scope of research at IITM as an eligible and valuable investment under CSR.

IIT Madras has collaborated with more than 200 Corporates on technology-driven CSR projects that have a societal impact across the various UN-SDGs (United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals).

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