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IIT-Madras develops equipment to dismantle explosive shells, ammo

IIT-Madras develops equipment to dismantle explosive shells, ammo

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) researchers have developed an indigenous equipment to safely dismantle explosive shells and ammunition. The technical expertise is not readily available in India and globally. The development of a cost-effective prototype will enable Indian defence personnel to safely dismantle expired ammunition and it will be of use, particularly to the Indian defence and nuclear sectors.

The researchers developed the prototype using ‘abrasive water suspension jet technology (AWSJ)’. The application of abrasive water jets in the field has an advantage over other dismantling technologies due to its ability to cut almost any material with negligible heat generation, which is vital when dealing with explosives.

The prototype was recognised as the ‘best one for the outstanding contributions’ made among the projects funded by the combustion detonics and shock waves panel under the Armament Research Board (ARMREB). The project was taken up in collaboration with terminal ballistics research laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Explaining the key applications of the prototype for India, professor N Ramesh Babu, principal investigator and faculty, department of mechanical engineering, said: “The prototype employs abrasive water suspension jet technology that is portable and can be remotely operated to dismantle time-expired ammunition. ”

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