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IIT Madras CODE offers Certificate Program on Quantum Computing

IIT Madras CODE offers Certificate Program on Quantum Computing

IIT Madras Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE) is offering a 6-month certificate course on Quantum Computing. Today, there is widespread interest in quantum computing and information, both in academia and increasingly in industry. There is indeed a pressing need for a quantum-skilled workforce in India. Through this program, the fundamentals of quantum computing will be introduced to a wider group of professionals and they will be equipped with the necessary tools required to become an active part of the emerging quantum ecosystem. 

About the Course

The course is structured as two 12-week modules offered in sequence, starting with the basics through Introduction to Quantum Computing and Qiskit and then moving onto advanced topics through the module Advanced Quantum Computing and Applications. 

The first course, “Introduction to Quantum Computing and Qiskit” starts off by introducing the idea of a quantum bit and its properties and proceeds all the way to teaching and demonstrating basic quantum algorithms like search and factoring. This course is tailored in such a way as to be accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of linear algebra and python. All the algorithms discussed here will be accompanied by demonstrations on current quantum hardware using IBM Qiskit.

The second course, “Advanced Quantum Computing and Applications” ventures into some of the key quantum algorithms that are being used in today’s era of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices. This includes the variational quantum eigensolver (VQE), quantum-inspired techniques for solving optimization problems and quantum machine learning. There is also a module on quantum error correction and quantum error mitigation which are crucial for the success of quantum algorithms in the NISQ era. Finally, this course also introduces the learner to emerging software tools such as qiskit runtime and transpiling quantum circuits.

Eligibility Criteria

We recommend basic knowledge in linear algebra and python for the participants.

Course Mode: ONLINE

This program is completely ONLINE and  consists of 2 courses.

Course 1 : Comprises 39 hours of recorded videos and 12 online live interactive sessions with the faculty.

Course 2: Comprises 33 hours of recorded videos and 11 online live interactive sessions with the faculty.

The course is structured in the following manner:

  1. Participants need to watch 2.5-3.5 hours of video content per week, for 12 weeks, leading to a total of about 36 hours of content.
  2. A live interaction session would be scheduled every Saturday with the corresponding faculty to discuss the module content of that week to clarify queries. The duration of this session would be 1-1.5 hours.

Course Modules

  • Course 1

Module-1: Math Prelims (Linear Vectors Spaces)

Modele -2: Quantum Mechanics Fundamentals (States, Operators and Measurement)

Module-3: Intro to qubits: Bloch sphere, basic single-qubit gates

Module-4:Two-qubit gates, Bell state circuit, No-cloning theorem and teleportation.

Module-5: Physical realizations of qubits, Introduction to IBM Q and Qiskit

Module-6:Quantum speed-up: Deutsch and DJ algorithm + Demo on Qiskit + Intro to Computational complexity

Module-7:Quantum Fourier Transform (QFT) and Phase estimation

Module-8:Order Finding and Factoring

Module-9:Simons, Bernstein-Vazirani + Demo on Qiskit

Module-10:Grover Search + Demo on Qiskit

Module-11: Amplitude amplification, HHL algorithm + Demo on Qiskit

Module-12: Public key cryptography + Quantum Key Distribution (BB84)

  • Course 2

Module-1: Quantum communication Protocols

Modele -2: Variational Quantum Algorithms

Module-3: Quantum Machine Learning : Theory and Applications to finance

Module-4: Solving optimization problems on a quantum computer

Module-5: Noise in quantum systems + Quantum Error Correction (QEC)

Module-6: Error mitigation for NISQ devices

Module-7: Qiskit runtime + Transpling

Module-8: Introduction to Pulse Programming


  • Course 1:

      • Dr. Prabha Mandayam, IIT Madras
      • Dr. Chandrashekar Radhakrishnan, IIT Madras
      • Mr. Dhiraj Madan (IBM Research, India)
  • Course 2:

    • Dr. Prabha Mandayam, IIT Madras
    • Dr. Chandrashekar Radhakrishnan, IIT Madras
    • Dr. Chaithanya (IIT Madras)/Dr. Kalyan (IBM Research, India)
    • Dr. Anupama Ray (IBM Research, India)
    • Dr. Anil Prabhakar (IIT Madras)
    • Dr. Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy (IBM Research, India)
    • Dr. Shesha Raghunathan (IBM Research, India)

Course Fee: 

  • Industry/Faculty – Rs 1,00,000 + 18% GST

  • Students – Rs 85,000 + 18% GST

Last day of Registration: June 20th, 2023

Course commences on: July 1st, 2023

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