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We are pleased to inform you that IITMAA’s Life-Saver Group Medical Insurance Scheme is now successfully entering its fourteenth year of operation and request all alumni to avail the benefits and join the scheme by 30th June 2023.

This scheme is also ideally suited for young alumni who would like to cover their parents.

  1. It covers all pre-existing diseases from day one of the policy with a 20% co-payment clause, subject to approval by the service provider (Heart diseases, kidney ailments, knee replacements and other major illnesses, waiting surgeries to be done needs to be informed in advance)
  2. For Alumni’s, Spouse and Children : 20% Copay on all PED Claims
  3. For Dependent Parents above 60 years : 20% Copay on all PED Claims and Normal Claims
  4. Room Rent limits including Boarding, Nursing Charges :
    For 5 Lakhs SI -Rs.6,000/- per day.
    For 10 Lakhs SI – Single standard A/c room subject to maximum Rs.7,500/- per day.
    For 15 Lakhs SI – Single standard A/c room subject to maximum Rs.9,500/- per day.
    For ICU – No limits.
    If the Insured occupies a room with a room rent limit other than his eligibility as per the insurance policy, then all the other
    charges shall be limited to the charges applicable for the eligible room rent or actuals, whichever is lower.
  5. Treatment in network hospital only :- Treatment in our network hospitals only, However in the case of Medical Emergencies treatment can be taken in other Hospitals. In all cases immediate intimation shall be given to our Call Center within 24 hours of Hospitalisation
  6. Admission to the policy is purely at the discretion of the service providers
  7. The policy does not require the insured and dependents to undergo any medical checkup irrespective of their age.
  8. This is a family floater policy with maximum cover of Rs.5,00,000/-, Rs.10,00,000/- & Rs.15,00,000/- during this year. It offers cashless treatment in over 14800 network hospitals of the service provider, Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd.
  9. The policy covers Alumni plus six dependants i.e. their spouse, up to 3 dependent children aged less than 25 years and both Parents aged less than 80 years age at entry.
  10. The charges depend upon the number of people insured. There is a base charge for the alumni based on his/her age and 10% of this is charged for each additional member insured.
  11. If the insured has another medical policy, which reimburses a part of the bill, the balance bill amount can be claimed under this policy.
  12. The policy will cover the period from 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024.  The premium payable for those who join during the middle of the cycle will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.
  13. Family and friends of alumni can also join provided this is used as a secondary policy in addition to an existing primary policy from which claims are first made after exhaustion of which claims can be made on this policy.

Kindly mail the filled in application form to alumni@iitm.ac.in / maruthiinsuranceservices@gmail.com

For further assistance please contact us at 044 2257 8391 / 73972 84362

Policy Terms & Conditions

Star Health Application Form.xls


405 Day Care Procedures.xls


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