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IIT Madras’ AMTDC partners with Fifth Generation Technologies to develop AI based Smart Manufacturing Solutions for small industries.

IIT Madras’ AMTDC partners with Fifth Generation Technologies to develop AI based Smart Manufacturing Solutions for small industries.

Indian Institute of Technology Madras’ (IIT Madras) Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Center (AMDTC), a Centre of Excellence, is partnering with Fifth Generation Technologies India to develop smart manufacturing solutions for small and medium manufacturers.

The collaboration will focus on conducting advanced research and development of smart manufacturing technologies for Small and Medium Manufacturers (SMM).

The AMDTC, a Centre of Excellence on Machine Tools and Production Technology at IIT Madras, will be working with Fifth Generation Technologies India (P) Ltd., which is the Indian operation of the Canadian-headquartered 5G Group of Companies. They specialize in Smart Manufacturing solutions for small, medium and large-scale manufacturers.

Highlighting the unique aspects of this collaboration, Prof. N. Ramesh Babu, Secretary, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre (AMTDC), IIT Madras, said, “Many SMMs have old machines which do not have controllers. By connecting such machines using IoT sensors and collecting real-time operational data we shall also convert them into smart machines. ”

The key outcome envisaged from this partnership is the development of AI and Machine Learning-based techniques to drive real-time optimization of different machining processes within the SMM shops. This could help lower operational costs and improve efficiencies.

The models developed through this partnership will form the basis for the further development of ‘Digital Twins’ that are suitable and affordable to SMMs.

Elaborating further, Dr. Ananth Seshan, Chairman, Fifth Generation Technologies, said, “The main objective of our collaboration is to deliver affordable AI-based digital tools and techniques that will enhance the competitiveness of the Small and Medium Manufacturers. These techniques shall continuously and dynamically improve the efficiencies of the machining processes involved in the manufacturing of the products.”

The collaboration is also aimed at using student interns for the development and implementation of the solution at the SMM shops, thereby facilitating the development of a well-trained next-generation workforce for the manufacturing industry.

The AMTDC is a Centre of Excellence for Machine Tools and Production Technology established by IIT Madras as a not-for-profit registered society in 2016 under the Ministry of Heavy Industries’ Scheme called ‘Enhancement of Competitiveness of Indian Capital Goods Sector.’

The centre is set up over an area of 9,000 sq ft at IIT Madras Research Park. The centre partners with Indian industries for the development of indigenous technologies under the Ministry of Heavy Industry’s Capital Goods Scheme. It houses these developed technologies and utilizes them to continue R&D and transformational technology development with other industries and government R&D organizations.


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