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Travel Grant

The IITMAANA Travel Grant program is designed to assist IITM students, faculty and staff to visit USA and other countries abroad and present their papers at internationally recognized technical conferences.
Participation in summits, workshops, competitions and internship and exchange programs may also be funded through this Program.

IITMAANA established a Travel grant program in August 2001 to assist students in visiting the USA and other countries for the purpose of making presentations at technical conferences. This grant partially pays for round-trip airline ticket charges from Chennai to the conference venue in the US and in other countries, based on excursion or other low-priced fares. The grant also covers visa fees. The grant does not cover Conference registration fees. It is intended that the student should make other arrangements to pay conference registration fees. The Grant is intended as supplemental funding only. Typically, no more than 50% of the out-of-pocket expenses may be reimbursed.

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