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Krishna Chivukula [1970/MT/AE]

“I come from a middle class professional  family, brought up in small villages in Andhra Pradesh, did my B. Tech  Honors from  IIT Bombay &  M.Tech from IIT Madras, graduated in   1970.  The IITs gave me a world class education at literally zero cost.  Because of my IIT  background, I was admitted to the famous Harvard Business School, where I did my M.B.A.   Because of all this, I became hugely successful beyond my wildest dreams.  I attribute all this to my days at  IITs, my professors- Dr. K.A.V  Pandalai,  Dr. Damodaran, Dr. S. Krishnan and my class mates at  IIT with  whom I shared many, many memorable and much cherished moments. Also I am thrilled and fascinated by the initiative and imagination of the young boys and girls at IIT Madras, who conceptualized the Satellite  Project. I guess this is what motivated me  to contribute and will motivate me further.”