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Dr. A. M Singhvi

Since my first job in 1965, I have been learning about better management tools to deliver improved results in my assignment with some global corporations in many countries. In later stages I was made to focus on Good Corporate Governance and Competitive Excellence. However I read that India continued to suffer from some scams. I also learnt that on the one hand employees were goaded into improving quality, cost, delivery etc, the management was involved in a scam at the national level. Even senior employees salary was paid part under the table and many denied retirement benefits on this component of salary under their HR policies. These contradictions did not send the right signals for students mindset. It is in this background that I made up my mind to contribute my savings for focused teaching on Good Corporate and National Governance along with mindset and tools for Competitive Excellence to our future managers and leaders, the students in engineering and management institutions in particular.
IIT Madras (and Roorkee) are some of the right places for me to share my savings and make things happen in the right direction, and so I made the endowment. I wish them quick success in making our engineering and other students more competent in managing resources in this globally competitive world as some of the Alumni members have already demonstrated Overseas.

Dealing with IIT Madras team was a great pleasure because of its efficient and pleasant handling of the endowment from an average citizen, and thus earning deep respect from the contributor. I wish them great success and remain with warm regards to alumni, students and Professors at IIT Madras.