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Shri Vijay Ullal ( BT-CH, ’80 ), CEO & Founder, Victory Ventures

Vijay is currently investing in early stage startup companies and mentoring entrepreneurs in the energy conservation and IoT space. Most recently, as President and COO, he led Fairchild through a two year transformation that resulted in a 50% increase in enterprise value. Prior to Fairchild, Vijay was at Maxim Integrated, Inc., where he was Group President of the Consumer Group where he grew the revenue from $0.35B to $1B which resulted in an increase in enterprise value of $2.5B. In addition to the business role, Vijay also had broad leadership responsibilities in technology development, manufacturing and supply chain. Prior to Maxim, Vijay was at Intel and Saratoga Semiconductor where he developed deep domain expertise in wafer fab and process technology. Vijay is a founder of the Bay Area IIT Madras alumni association. He has been active in charitable works for women in India. He holds a B Tech Chem E degree from IIT Madras, and an M S Chem E degree from Drexel University.