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Shri. Ramgopal ( RamG) Vallath (1989/BT/EE) ,author of ‘From Ouch to Oops’

Ramgopal (RamG) Vallath is the most positive individual you can ever meet in your life. In spite of studying in rural Malayalam medium Govt. schools (where even English was taught in Malayalam), he went on to procure a high all India rank in JEE.

During his BTech in Electronics, RamG lost his focus and almost failed to graduate. He was rescued from a potential depression by his parents and graduated in five years.

At the height of his successful corporate career, at 34, as the youngest Telecom Circle Head in India, RamG was stricken down by a rare autoimmune disorder that crippled him and made it difficult for him to use his hands and legs. After seven years of progressively deteriorating condition, he managed to search out a possible cure in the US – a clinical trial using a Stem Cell Transplant procedure.

While undergoing the treatment, shot full of chemo, hamster extracts and rabbit extracts, he conceived the plot for a wacky, hilarious science fiction, ‘Oops the Mighty Gurgle’, targeted at an age group of 9 to 99. The positive energy he derived from writing the book also helped him in his recovery, even while he pushed himself, working out 3 hours a day to build back lost muscles.

RamG’s second book- ‘From Ouch to Oops’ was published in November 2014 and instantly became a bestseller.

Today, RamG is a motivational speaker and has addressed tens of thousands of corporate employees and students, with his engaging, humorous and powerful talk.

It is all about taking end to end ownership in life, pushing oneself outside the boundaries of comfort, staying positive through difficult times, leading a team to success through uncertainty and turning every disadvantage into a springboards for success.

RamG’s aim in life is to touch a million lives positively.

He can be contacted on Ramgopal.vallath@gmail.com

His mobile number is +91 9980307777