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Shri. A.K. Sinha ( BT-EE, ’69 ), Former Senior Scientist, ISRO Govt. of India, & Ex-Director [ R&D], BVUCOE, Pune

Mr. A.K. Sinha did his Bachelor of Technology in Electrical (Light Current) Engineering from IIT, Madras, during 1969 .  After a brief stint in the private sector, he joined the prestigious Vikram Sarabhai Space Center [VSSC], Indian Space Research Organization [ISRO]- (Government of India) at Trivandrum during January 1971, serving there for over 36 years before superannuating in March 2007.

During his tenure,  he worked as  Development  Engineer in the Core Team towards the establishment of Materials and Metallurgy Group since its inception, primarily in Furnace Technology, Thermal Systems and Instrumentation during the first ten years.

Subsequently, he initiated the Magnetic and Electronics Materials Group as Head, R & D in 1980 during which he obtained wide-ranging experience in the field of Magnetics Testing & Characterization/ Magnetic and Electronic Materials, which included a host of Materials and Devices, notably the development of Metallic Glass and Ferrites for High Frequency Transformer Cores (Switched Mode Power Supplies in Space Applications).

His extremely significant contribution focussed towards the Conception Design Development Qualifications and Applications of Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnets in Indian Space program. Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets were also realized.

As an Indigenization Program, this resulted in FE savings to the tune of Rs. 5.0 crores till 2007 in this strategic embargo area.  These projects were independently handled by Mr. Sinha as a Project Leader/Focal Point of ISRO to address the requirements of Satellites and Launch Vehicles in Controls Guidance Communication and Avionics.

These were pioneering first time developments in ISRO/India. This had prolonged collaboration with DMRL/DRDO.

Similarly, in Electronic Materials Indigenization, his contributions included indigenous development of Dielectric and Ferro-Electrics, primarily for Microwave and Antenna Applications.

He has been involved as a team member in a number of specialized projects in ISRO.

These include:

  • Design of 250 KN Vibration Shaker for Structural Measurements
  • Indigenization of Russian Magnets for Cryogenics-Turbopump applications
  • Characterization/Qualification of SmCo magnets for Light Combat Aircraft [LCA] Project -[HAL/DRDO/ISRO] collaboration
  • Magnetic Refrigeration in Cryogenics project[with IIT Bombay]
  • Artificial Heart Pump [AHP]- Left Ventricular Assist Device [LVAD]-design/development of SmCo/NdFeB biocompatible magnet components-ISRO project for  Medical Applications
  • SmCo5 Magnets  Productionization Readiness for Technology Transfer to Industry [VSSC/DMRL]
  • Other spin-off Projects for Medical Applications

 On behalf of ISRO he interacted with DRDO, BHEL(R&D), C-MET, IIT’s, Major Industries including RSP[Rourkela Steel Plant], MIDHANI for Rocket Steels, Magnet Industries, Furnace and Thermal Systems Manufacturers and others as part of overall Technology Management.

Professional Memberships

He has attended certified professional Management Programs designed by IIM-A while he was in ISRO. He was Governing Council Member of Magnetics Society of India; Fellow, Institution of Engineers, India; Former Senior Member, Astronautical Society of India; and Materials Research Society of India.  He has a number of technical papers to his credit in national as well as international conferences and journals.

R&D Involvement in Pune

During January 2008, he joined Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune as Director (R & D) to oversee Research, Development and Technological Activities of the Institute and to spearhead and augment the Research and Development culture.

His efforts have resulted in the approval of a few innovative Research proposals by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Delhi, proposals by DMSRDE/DRDO, Kanpur and by other sponsoring Agencies. Ph.D. Program Management in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the University was another activity that came directly under his domain.

His next major assignment included the Co-Chairmanship of an International Nanotechnology conference. He was responsible for conception, initiation and planning of  “Nano Technology-Materials And Composites For Frontier Applications”  organized by Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering Pune, India in collaboration with Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology, [C-MET], DIT, Govt. of India and two American Universities, held during October,  2010 (NANOCON 010).
The second conference entitled “Nano Technology-Innovative Materials Processes Products and Applications” [NANOCON 012] was held during October 2012. NANOCON 2014 was held during October, 2014. The fourth International Conference [NANOCON 018] is now scheduled during October 2018 in which he is nominated as an National Advisory Committee Member.

He had represented Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering in Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – Education And Research Panel in Pune as part of Academia-Industry forum. He was an active Member of University Research Council. He has served till April, 2013.

He is a Member of ISRO-University of Pune “Space Technology Cell” for Research Programs.

Professionally, he is active in Technological activities and engages in Knowledge-sharing for Societal benefits at large with delivering Technical Lectures in Engineering Institutions, the Institution Of Engineers [India], Professional Bodies/Science Congress etc plus writing broad Articles. In particular, his interests encompass Medical Technologies with special emphasis on all Material benefits to the physically challenged (specially-abled) and Biomedical Engineering.