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Ram Kedalya [1981/BT/MT], Founder and CEO, Group Tminus

Ram Kedlaya is Founder and CEO, Group Tminus. He is a Leadership Coach to Senior and Mid-level Executives, CEO Advisor, Mentor and Motivational Speaker.

Ram has 25 years of experience as an Entrepreneur and Leader running Global Operations, Product Development and Business Strategy in Startups and Microsoft, Motorola, AT&T, Hitachi in 18 countries across USA, India, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pac, Australia, China and Brazil. He has had various Exec roles as CEO, Board member of Public Company, Sr. VP International, VP Products in various companies. Ram was also a founder or exec in 3 startups that were acquired or went Public in US. He is an Advisor to the MBA program at Univ. of Washington, USA.

He is a graduate of IIT Madras and Univ. of Texas, Austin.

An inspiring speaker, he is passionate about “Arousing the Spark in Others” and a big believer in the role of Mentors in life and business. Ram considers himself fortunate to have had an adventurous life and professional career. He founded Group Tminus as a Keiretsu style company to give-back and create a community of next-gen Global Leaders.