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Placement and Training

Living in such an environment of innovation, and with extremely strong academic grounding, IIT Madras graduates are the cream of the country and are pursued by the biggest companies, both Indian and global. To make this process easier, and to provide equal opportunity for the students, there’s a very structured placement program in place.

IIT Madras’ culture of encouraging students to pursue their interests extends to placements too. There is no restriction on the variety or number of companies one can apply for.  Core engineering companies that recruit IIT-M students include giants such as Google, Samsung, General Electric (GE), Honeywell, Qualcomm, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Shell, and Airbus, while non-core companies include firms such as The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and American Express. Many students are inducted straight out of their internship with firms such as Hindustan Unilever, Shell, ITC. P&G, Cadbury, American Express, and Nomura. The strong collaboration between the industry and the Institute, nurtured by the Research Park, industrial consultancy, and various campus engagement events, play a big part in bringing in meaningful opportunities at different stages of a student’s life.

In an active attempt to enrich the avenues available for students on campus, a career development centre will be launched this year that will cater to the diverse needs of students, be it applying for higher studies or bagging that coveted job during the placement season. There is already a Placement Office which is run by the faculty in coordination with a team of student volunteers. The core team for this is typically elected from different branches and they take the onus of reaching out to some of the biggest names in industry. Their work is supplemented by the Industrial and Public Relations team which reaches out to companies in the non-engineering sectors and also handles campus engagement activities. The faculty members also take a keen interest in the activities of the placement team and are quite serious about promoting the image of the Institute while protecting the interests of the students. With very strong senior-junior ties, the students have a wealth of information at their disposal to nab their dream job. This interaction lays the foundation for the strong placement scenario at IIT Madras.