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‘Why Should I? It’s Not My Problem’

This is no horror movie
It’s a rom-com
Where we go on dates with bloodlust,
And laugh at the ones who care.
Feasting on the dreams of other people
And not even sparing them a second thought
But why should I? I’m happy.

The streets are soaked with the tears of the damned
Who damned them? We did
To a life that’s not really a life
Because fear ate it away.
We didn’t really have to do anything, there’s activity in inactivity
We could stop it, couldn’t we?
But why should I? It’s not my problem.

As long as I have a belly full of food
And distractions that do their job well
I will never get myself involved, will I?
That’s the beauty of the system
You can afford to not be involved
Hell, you profit off of not being involved
But why shouldn’t I? It’s every man for himself!

And so the wheel turns,
the car fails to start,
and the girl runs right into the ghost.
Maybe it is a horror movie after all.