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Start-Ups Working on Battery Technology For EV Sector

The government is promoting electric vehicles and is working towards improving the infrastructure connected to it. To make India harness the potential of the EV market, there are indigenous start-ups in the country which are supporting govt initiative in the field of EVs through their research and development into battery technology and providing solutions which are the problem of most people in the country, the performance of the battery by taking it. Adding on to the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, start-ups today are looking at becoming self-sufficient in the field for an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

Following are few start-ups who have brought various innovations in EVs.

Aqueouss: Aqueouss came into existence in the year 20166. They have the reputation of being one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a high-quality range of Li-ion batteries and LifeP04 batteries. These products are made of high-quality raw material that is the best in the market and has been supplied by our trusted vendor base. These products exhibit long service life, reliability and better performance without any flaws. They test the products in accordance with the standards of quality for the utmost satisfaction of the clients. They specialise in providing lithium batteries for Electric vehicles and solar.

Grinntech: Founded in 2018, Grinntech works on Lithium-ion cells to pack technology and supplies Li-ion battery packs for multiple EV applications. The firn is an investor-backed, growth phase start-up, leading on all fronts of battery design for EV applications. They work closely with leading worldwide companies, bringing cutting-edge technology in semiconductor, materials, and manufacturing techniques, etc. The startups’ expertise in the subject matter has been acknowledged by big OEMs and it is working with many of them for their upcoming EVs. The technology is indigenously developed and helps cater to the application-specific needs of the Indian EV industry. They are based out of IIT Madras Research Park.

ION Energy: Founded in 2016 by a team of Ph.D. Engineers from Stanford, Penn State and IIT with decades of experience in advanced electronics and battery systems. ION Energy is an advanced battery management and intelligence platform. They utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning to build technologies that improve the life and performance of lithium-ion batteries which power electric vehicles and energy storage systems. It also leverages advanced electronics and software that accelerates the effort of engineering teams. They believe by 2022, global battery manufacturing capacity is set to cross 400 GWh. The huge demand for batteries is driving the need for smarter battery management. A battery management system is key to the reliable and efficient functioning of the battery.

Lohum Cleantech Private Limited: Established in the year 2018, “Lohum Cleantech Private Limited” is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of Lithium-ion batteries, power banks, Lithium-Ion cells and Lithium-Ion battery charger. Located in Noida, the firm designs and manufactures Lithium-ion batteries, re-manufacture and re-purpose used battery packs and recycles geostrategic battery materials such as Lithium, Cobalt and Graphite. Their goal is to create technology that makes battery power sources cheaper and last longer in every part of the globe.