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Incubated at IIT Madras develops gamified coding platform for school children

A start-up incubated at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has developed a ‘gamified coding platform’ called ‘HackerKID’, which aims to teach children coding using a game-based environment, according to officials.

The start-up, called “GUVI”, has already worked with more than 1,200 kids from the Netherlands, the US, Australia and India while developing the product features and designs for HackerKID.

SP Balamurugan, co-founder of GUVI said “Although learning to code has its amazing advantages among young minds, it is not easy for kids to assimilate the concepts of computer science. Also, there exists a real tussle to draw their attention and to develop an interest in them with conventional text-based coding. For this very reason, HackerKID will serve as a platform for kids to start their journey in coding.”

“The platform offers extensive coding practice, utilising block-based programming with a game-based environment specially designed for kids where coding is fun. The current players in the market who teach coding are failing in the practise part, which is essential to learn coding,” he said.