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IIT Madras opens applications for online BSc degree in Data Science

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is accepting invitations for the second round of BSc in Data Science program. The institute is inviting students interested in applying for the qualifier round.

The qualifier process is mandatory to get enrolled in the program. After submitting the online application, learners have to go through a qualifier process where they will get access to 4 weeks of content. The four foundational level courses include English I, Mathematics for Data Science I, Statistics for Data Science I, and Computational Thinking.

The students will be provided with 2 to 3 hours of video content each week. Learners are required to complete and submit the assignments before the given deadline. Participants that are able to score the required average assignment in all four courses are allowed to appear for the qualifier exam.

The online BSc in programming and data science has flexible exists. Learners can choose to exit right from the foundational level with a certificate from Centre of Continuing Education, IIT Madras. The three levels, their structure and fee are as follows:

1.Foundational Level (8 courses)- Rs 4000 for each course.
2.Diploma Level (6 Programming courses + 6 Data Science courses) – Each skill enhancement course is Rs 5000, all others will cost Rs 10,000.
3.Degree Level (11 courses) – Each course in skill enhancement will cost Rs 5,000, all others would cost Rs 10,000.

The interested candidates have to enrol before February 6, 2021. The first phase of the qualifier test will start from March 1, 2021. You can refer to the official website for more details.