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IIT Madras Launches Online Courses In Advanced Programming

Indian Institute of Technology Madras Digital Skills Academy has joined hands with IITM-incubated edtech startup GUVI to launch courses in advanced programming for students and working professionals. Prof. Balaraman Ravindran, who is the head of Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) is a Consultant Advisor to this programme.

Ravindran stated that these two courses are aimed at providing the programming training needed for practitioners looking to build data-driven solutions for their business needs. The courses are intended to suit either absolute beginners or people with some familiarity in programming and introduce them to building real-world applications.

The courses are designed to equip the final year engineering students and graduates with programming skills through industry professionals in a hands-on fashion. According to reports, this course will not only make them ready for internships and jobs in IT but also help them in their job search in the IT industry and IT services in all core manufacturing and design areas.

The advanced programming courses will be provided through live online sessions using an Artificial Intelligence platform that will provide the students with coding as well as a self-assessment environment for practicing programming in real-time.

The duration of the programming courses is 120 hours and is expected to help professionals and students to obtain experiential learning equivalent to about three months of actual working experience in each of these courses and makes them job-ready.

Highlighting the unique aspects of this course, Prof. Mangala Sunder, Founder and Coordinator, Digital Skills Academy, IIT Madras stated, “The objective is to provide graduating students from Indian academic institutions and employees in multiple industrial sectors the necessary skills towards employment or reskilling in relevant sectors. These courses will also make them industry- and job-ready. In addition, the trainers will cover multiple areas through large problem sets, that will also help the students to do competitive examinations in the banking and finance sector well and with confidence.”

Speaking about this course, Mr. S.P. Balamurugan, Co-Founder and CEO, GUVI, said, “Programming skill is the need of the hour for every aspiring and ambitious candidate to get placement in IT companies. The Gamified learning and practice platform designed by GUVI will provide a unique and exclusive training environment for the learners through various modes.”