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IIT-Madras launches online course in business accounting process

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras has launched a new online course on the business accounting process. The institute’s Digital Skills Academy partnered with Bengaluru-based ArthaVidhya to offer this programme aims to upskill students and professionals looking for a career in finance and accounting.

The course is completely online, interactive and job-oriented. The candidates will get a concept of a virtual office, embedded in Artificial Intelligence-based ‘Interactive Learning Management System’ (iLMS). The online application process will be available at skillsacademy.iitm.ac.in.

According to K Mangala Sunder, Head, Digital Skills Academy the course is designed to provide students with a simulated environment (virtual office), giving the students a real-life simulation of actual work environment throughout the programme. “The artificial intelligence platform provides the students with a virtual corporate environment carrying out various financial transactions in real-time. This helps the students to obtain an experiential learning equivalent to about threemonths of actual corporate working experience and makes them job-ready,” he said.