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IIT Madras incubated startup takes its upskilling program online

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras incubated startup is taking its Zen Class online. GUVI has a placement oriented ‘full-stack’ development course, aimed at upskilling students and graduates looking to build a career in product-based companies.

The online lectures will help job aspirants to become full-stack developers. The initiative will help in creating skilled full-stack developers. Zen Class focuses on skills by making aspiring and current full-stack developers. The idea is to create future proof skills in developers and convert the regular resume into the skill-based portfolio.

The classes were earlier conducted physically from IIT Madras Research Park. The institute has so far trained 1,000 students and placed them in 200 product startups and companies.

SP Balamurugan, co-founder and CEO of Guvi said, “Tough times needs smart skilling path and we help the learners to do that from home and get the job from home.”

The ed-tech platform offers training in vernacular languages. Guvi has penetration across 1,000 engineering institutes in India. The startup has already trained 4.7 lakh engineers on the latest technologies such as Python, machine, and Java.

Arun Prakash, co-founder and chief technology officer said, “A prior screening is done among the interested trainees, called the ‘pre-boot camp session’, to assess the candidates. This format gives students a better analysis of their current level of learning, which could be further regulated by 1:1 doubt-clarification with mentoring, recorded video sessions and personalized training.”

Guvi’s team also invests time in arrangement, preparation, and delivery of interview opportunities to students. Freshers from non-engineering degree programs can make the most of Zen Classes through personalised mentoring and online courses.

This program is convenient for individuals with good internet access. You can also become an accelerator for candidates with a keen learning orientation. The learners of the Zen are introduced to an online Bootcamp style of learning, which lays a foundation covering the theory of programming in a structured manner.