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IIT Madras develops “MOUSHIK” microprocessor

Researchers at IIT-Madras have developed the country’s first microprocessor. This material, called a microprocessor or chip, acts as the brain in every electronics product. Computers, laptops, smart TVs, phones … other gadgets connected to the Internet cannot function without a microprocessor. This processor is named Mausik because of its small size. It does not cost more than five thousand rupees.

The IIT team said that the open source technology is developed in India and the processor is made in India. Being open source will allow researchers to modify it as needed.

The current electronics-gadgets era can be said to be based on microprocessors. Microprocessors are used in many places like washing machine, credit-debit card, phone, computer, drone, car, lift etc. The size of this processor is only 5.315 millimeters by 5.155 millimeters.

Today is the age of the Internet of Things. This means that many things (such as fridge-TV) are connecting to the Internet without mobile-computer. A microprocessor is indispensable in all of that. The construction and technology of microprocessors is complex. So India imports mostly from the US, Taiwan, China and South Korea. With the manufacture of microprocessors in India, India’s import dependence will decrease.

Some microprocessors may only be used in certain areas. Since Mausik is open source, it can be easily used anywhere. This indigenous microprocessor from India can operate at 103 input-output points simultaneously. IIT Madras is active in making this processor available in the market soon.