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IIT-Madras convocation held, technology gives event a touch of reality

Chennai: At the ‘Online’ Graduation Ceremony held by IIT Chennai, students were amazed to make arrangements for the use of digital technology to get the medal in person.

The 57th Graduation Ceremony of IIT Chennai was held online yesterday under the chairmanship of Power Goenka, Chairman, IIT. Professor David J. Cruz, a Nobel Prize – winning scientist and chair of the Department of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley, was the chief guest. At the ceremony, 2,346 people were awarded degrees. In addition, during the 2019-20 academic year, 3 people were awarded dual degrees, including 353 who completed their Ph.D.

The ceremony was conducted entirely, online. The keynote speakers, the Director of Education and the Professors all gave their speeches online. As the system was conducted online, digital technology, called ‘Mixed Reality’, was used only for award-winning and medal-winning students, as in person.

After reading the name of the students, the scenes were broadcast as if they were appearing on stage and wearing medals for them. This made the students and parents happy. What is ‘Mixed Reality’? ‘Mixed reality’ is the simultaneous visualization of what is live and what has already been taken live or as a three-dimensional type of video. Most Hollywood movies feature stunning scenes such as jumping from a very high mountain, fighting with life-threatening animals, and jumping into the sea. All these are mixed reality and virtual reality technology. In Tamil, in the movie Bhagavad Gita, this technology is used a lot.