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IIT Madras awards 2,346 degrees at its first-ever ?mixed reality? convocation

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) for the first time conducted a ‘Mixed Reality’ convocation ceremony. The event held online combined the real and virtual world and showcased how they can interact. A total of 2,346 degrees were awarded during the convocation conducted on October 25, 2020.

We are conducting the 57th convocation of the institute using the technology where the real and virtual are mixed to provide an online virtual experience for viewers,” IIT-Madras director Bhaskar Ramamurthi told PTI. The director awarded degrees to the graduating students virtually. A total of 2,346 degrees were awarded this year that includes highest number of PhDs awarded in an academic year, 353 (which includes PhDs, joint degree PhDs, and dual degree PhDs), MS – 103, MTech. – 431, Web-based MTech – 14, PGDMRTM – 19, M.Sc – 122, Joint Degree MBA – 3, MBA – 48, EMBA – 37, MA – 33, Dual Degree – 680, BTech – 406.

Convocation 2020 also included, 59 Inter-disciplinary dual-degree students for the first time, who upgraded from the UG programme to obtain Masters’ degrees in Data Science, Computational Engineering, Robotics, Nanotechnology and Energy Systems, and 51 from industry who have earned their Masters’ degrees through the web-enabled executive programmes in engineering specialisations and Business Administration, reads the institute’s official release.

While Rajat Vadiraj Dwaraknath from BTech Electrical Engineering (EE) stream won the President of India Prize for the highest CGPA in B.Tech and Dual Degree and also the Bharat Ratna M Visvesvaraya Memorial Prize For the highest CGPA in BTech; Alfred Festus Davidson – from EE won the Sri V Srinivasan Memorial Prizefor the highest CGPA in Dual Degree. Students who won top prizes also included Arvind Pujari from Metallurgical and Materials Engineering stream (MM) who won the Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma Prize for the best all round proficiency in curricular and extra- curricular activities in BTech and Hari Ramachandran-from MM won the Governor’s Prize for the best all round proficiency in curricular and extra- curricular activities in BTech and Dual Degree.

“The pandemic led to a nation-wide lockdown in March 2020 and educational institutions have remain closed since. The classes re-started online within a couple of weeks. Due to the heroic efforts of our faculty and students, we completed classes for the January-May 2000 Semester in time to enable our graduating students to take up their jobs, and our pre-final-year students to take up internships in the summer, many of them in the online mode. Our graduating research scholars and students with projects also wound up their theses from home,” said Ramamurthi.

David J Gross, Nobel Laureate and Chancellor’s Chair of Theoretical Physics, University of California, who was the chief guest, addressed the graduating students saying, “For many of you, it is the end of the period in life where you received from your parents and society and the beginning of the period where you give back to the society. And there is much that you can give back, for you are a privileged lot. Privileged to be citizens of a rapidly-growing country with a rich and glorious history that is now moving on to take its rightful place in the world. You are fortunate to be free of disease, hunger and war that plagued much of humanity for most of the times. You are privileged to have attended a great institution of learning and to have acquired much knowledge.”

“The pandemic has given us the opportunity to define a new normal for how we work and how we live – and once we are out of the fear of catching the virus, the new normal in fact may be better than what we will be leaving behind. COVID has accelerated the rate of tech adoption across streams of life. Changes which would have taken 5-6 years have happened in just about 3-4 months,” said Pawan Goenka, chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Madras.