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IIT-Madras announces flexibility in courses

CHENNAI: Indian Institute of Technology-Madras has announced flexibility in its course work and said that its students can choose half the courses and even study a semester in a foreign university. In a statement on Monday, the institution said that out of the electives, students are free to choose about eight courses from any of the 16 departments of IIT-M as well as other approved institutions. Students can get 72 credits from pursuing diverse courses, from ‘History of India,’ ‘Psychology’ and ‘Economics’ to ‘Artificial intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning.’

If a student chooses four such courses in one contiguous area, they will be conferred a ‘Minor’ in that field, the statement said. Detailed curriculum can be found at https://www.iitm.ac.in/academics/academic-curricula. Prof V Jagadeesh Kumar, Dean (Academic Courses), said, “The probability of getting a branch change is really small.”A student in fourth semester or fifth semester can upgrade to a large number of interdisciplinary programs, he said in the statement.