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IIT Madras admitted 8,154 students in first batch of online BSc in Programming and Data Science

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has admitted a recording number of 8,154 students in its first-ever batch of online BSc in programming and Data Science. The selected students can enrol for foundational level courses, starting in January 2021.

The press release by IIT Madras states that out of 8,154 selected students, 6,232 are male and 1,922 are females. 3,450 students are from the engineering background and 1,593 students come from arts, science, and commerce background. The institute has started the second qualifier process.

The online degree program is offered in three different stages. Mr Andrew Thangaraj, professor in-charge, IIT Madras online degree programme, said, “There are three different stages in this program – Foundation, Diploma and Degree. Students can choose their own pace while registering for courses and, upon completion, receive a Certificate, Diploma or a Degree at various exit points from IIT Madras.”

The candidates interested in enrolling for the courses can apply online by filling the form available on https://www.onlinedegree.iitm.ac.in. The application fee is Rs 3,000. The last date to apply is February 6, 2021.

Mr Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras said, The courses are delivered through a state-of-the-art online portal. Students are given the opportunity to participate in live sessions to clarify their doubts. The exams are conducted in-person so that the academic rigour of the program is maintained.”