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IIT-M startup gives garment sellers 3D tech

IIT Madras

E-commerce has become an almost-essential tool for businesses, as most customers go online to shop. But small and medium apparel businesses have faced challenges in growing online due to difficulties in generating images of garments to be uploaded online.

To handle this, IIT-Madras and NASSCOM-incubated startup ‘TRI3D’ has used 3D technology to develop a unique apparel visualization software that converts flat images of garments into photo-realistic 3D images on models and mannequins. It offers a substitute even for small boutique designers and weavers who cannot afford photoshoots.

The images generated by TRI3D are acceptable on most popular online shopping sites, said a release from IIT-Madras. Krishna Sumanth Alwala, co-founder, TRI3D, and an IIT-M alumnus, said, “The painstaking task of arranging a day-long photoshoot with models having to constantly change in and out of sarees, is easily bypassed.

The desired image is generated in minutes, and the quality is on a par, if not superior, to images from a photoshoot.” As many as 80,000 garments have been digitised and sold using TRI3D’s technology in India, Sri Lanka and Abu Dhabi in the last year. More than 100 new-generation entrepreneurs from across 50 locations in India use this technology. Many of TRI3D’s customers are from remote towns in India.