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IIT-Corona havoc in Madras, 71 students infected, everything stopped

IIT-Madras has witnessed the havoc of the corona epidemic. 71 people have been found corona infected inside the campus here. After the issue came to light, the library, labs and other departments have been closed for the time being. According to the news, the corona test of 774 students of the campus was done, of which 66 reports are positive. After this case comes to the fore, the mess is closed on campus and food is being delivered to the students’ room

According to the state health department, cases of corona have been reported in 9 hostels and a guest house in IIT Madras. Corona test has been conducted for 408 out of 774 students, where 71 students have been found corona infected so far. According to IIT Madras, 22 of these infected were found in Krishna hostel, 20 from Yamuna hostel, 3 from Anagananda, 3 from Tapti, 2 from Kothavari, 4 from Tungaha, 3 from Sabarmati, 5 from Saraswati hostel and one corona was infected at guest house Huh.

Please tell that the corona cases started on campus from 9 December. In this regard, the IIT administration says that it has been decided to close the mess in view of Corona infection. Packed food is being sent to the students to their rooms, while the entire campus is being sanitized and all the students are being quarantined in their rooms.