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Now the choice of students is slowly changing for admission in IITs famous for B-Tech programs and engineering. New courses in economics are joining the choice of the students. Students with good ranks are also opting for these courses. The opening and closing rank figures for the year 2019 show that many students opted for economics in IIT Bombay, Kanpur and Kharagpur. These include well-ranked candidates as well. The opening and closing rank of Economics subject in IIT Bombay was 1312-1885th.

Economics becoming popular all over the country

The rank was 1681-2347 in IIT Kanpur and 2959-4780 in IIT Kharagpur. Experts say that this is very shocking. Economics is a popular subject all over the country, as students have been studying it as a social science during the time of schooling. Economics is also becoming the choice of students in IITs. There is also a big reason that economics is helping to increase the computing skills of the students. Admission to BS Economics in IIT Bombay is done through JEE Advanced. Whereas IIT Madras does not have any criteria for admission in Economics.

leaving computer science and choosing maths and computing

Maths / Maths and Computing subjects are getting good ranks in IITs. Take the example of IIT Bombay. Last year, the student who secured All India 98th rank was allotted BS Mathematics seat. In the first round of admission for this course, the open category closed at 1041st rank. The opening rank of B.Tech Mathematics and Computing in IIT Delhi started from 95th.

Many students who score good ranks can easily get courses like computer science and electrical engineering, but they are taking subjects like mathematics and economics. Most of these courses are of two to four years duration. An IIT Bombay professor said that admission in BS Maths is being given only to students who have secured good ranks.

Learn from experts why the trend of economics in IITs is changing

Technology and economics subjects affect each other

Economics professor at IIT says that economics is the best subject in every situation. Technology and economics disciplines influence each other. A degree in economics helps a lot in getting jobs in banking, investment, consulting and data analysis firms. If this degree is obtained from any IIT then it becomes more powerful. For this reason some students are also choosing Economics as an additional subject in IIT Bombay.

Now getting as much package as Maths and Computing from Economics

Gaurav Goyal, who has done Maths Computing from IIT Delhi, says that Maths and Computing subjects are being preferred. The reason for this is that in foreign banks, companies like Facebook and Google, these students easily get packages ranging from 1 to 1.5 crores. In this course also, a package of more than Rs 1 crore has started getting in these companies. There is an increasing demand for students pursuing a degree in economics in companies like bank investment, consulting.

Now the demand for economics will increase due to companies sinking in Corona

Shishir Goyal of Jaipur is pursuing his degree in Economics from IIT Kharagpur. He says – every company now has to focus on finance. That’s why this course is becoming a favorite. Sanwarmal Prajapat, who has done IIT from Kharagpur, says – Economics has been included in the GATE exam this year as well. Many companies drowned during the Corona period, because they have less number of people planning to handle the finances. These companies will need such people more now.

What is the difference between country and abroad packages in Maths and Computing and Economics?

Maths and Computing: 5 years in Delhi and 4 years in IIT Kanpur. IITN Gaurav says that all the details of computer science are also covered in maths and computing. After this course, JP Morgan Bank of US, Deutsche Bank of Germany, students get big offers here. In software companies like Facebook and Google, packages ranging from 1 to 1.5 crores are available abroad. Whereas in India, there is a package of 25 to 30 lakh rupees in their office.