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Academic Flexibility to students at IIT Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has one of the best academic curriculum in the world and offers an academic flexibility that is unrivalled, even among the IITs. IIT Madras has the extraordinary distinction of being the only Indian Institute to have been ranked as No1 Engineering Institution for five consecutive years in National Institutional Ranking Framework.

The students have the freedom to choose nearly 50 per cent of the courses that they will be studying, with only some restrictions. Out of the electives, students are free to choose about eight courses (Free Electives) from any of the 16 departments. The students can get 72 credits from pursuing courses.’

If a student chooses four such courses in one contiguous area, they will be conferred a minor in that field. For example, if a student chooses four courses in Economics, IIT Madras will confer a Minor in Economics to that student. There are large number of minor courses being offered by IIT Madras.

The detailed curriculum and syllabi for each program can be found here: https://www.iitm.ac.in/academics/academic-curricula.

ISA model for Maker programme

The BridgeLabz Solutions LLP, has come up with a unique and game-changing concept. The company has introduced an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) model which provides an opportunity for the students to pursue training under the BridgeLabz CodinClub and pay when they score a job. The revolutionary model prevents financial constraints from hampering the skill development of learners, structuring the fee payment after gaining employment.

The 30-day boot camp helps bring the learners to a basic coding proficiency level, of which the initial five days are focused on what and how the students will learn. Depending on their consent, the students can pay for the boot camp and continue the remaining journey.

Best coding talent will be identified and mentoring will be offered to undergo further training under the ISA model.


The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) that organises of Olympiad exams for school students in the world, have announced that the exams will be conducted online during the current academic year.

Considering the safety and health concern of students as paramount, all students will be able to appear in exams from their homes. Every year around a million students appear in the SOF Olympiad exam.

Mahabir Singh, the founder director of SOF said: “ Extensive use of Artificial Intelligence, remote proctoring, video recording of exam and various other tools will be used to ensure integrity of exams. He also informed that during 2019-20, over 56000 schools from 32 countries registered for the 6 Olympiad exams and millions of students appeared in them. Awards, gifts, prizes and scholarships were awarded to the winning schools and students from each class, state and also at the International level