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5 Courses on emerging technologies offered by IITs in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced educational institutes to think out of the box. India’s premier engineering institutes, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have always been at the forefront of launching educational courses in the latest technologies. Here are some of the new-age courses launched by IITs in 2020.

1. IIT Kharagpur
The institute is offering an online certification course for computer science students. The 12-week long course will be held between September 14 to December 4. The program focuses on various processes of software development. Students will receive a certificate after the online exam on December 20.

2. IIT Roorkee
The institute has launched an online course in data science. It covers basics of Python, Linear Regression, NLP and Logical regression. The program will be conducted between October 28 to November 10.

3. IIT Jodhpur
The institute will offer a new undergraduate program in AI and data science. The B.Tech in AI and ML will cover courses in computer science, mathematics, AI, ML, data science and their applications in different domains.

4. IIT Madras
IIT Madras has launched a unique course in the business accounting process. The Digital Skills Academy of IIT Madras has joined hands with Bengaluru based ArthaVidhya to offer this program. The institute wants to upskill students in accounting and finance as well.

5. IIT Guwahati
IIT Guwahati has launched a program teaching fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence to students. The 12-week course will be conducted starting from September 14. The course is designed to help students developer reasoning and other skills of AI. The certificate will be handed to students after the online exam that will be held on December 19