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Top free online courses for Computer Science professionals offered on SWAYAM

Top free online courses for Computer Science professionals offered on SWAYAM

The government of India took an initiative in the form of SWAYAM that works on three cardinal principles of education – quality, equity, and access – allowing students to take the preferred courses. SWAYAM platform is now offering a free online course for computer science and engineering.

The emerging branch of computer science and engineering is one of the most sought-after courses for students to upgrade their knowledge. They can obtain the courses easily on SWAYAM for a long or short duration.

As per the instructions of UGC, the Universities will find the relevant courses for the transferring of credits to students including the long or short term course.

Here are the 5 top computer science and engineering course that students can opt for via SWAYAM.

1. C Programming and Assembly Language by Professor Janakiraman from IIT Madras

The computer and electrical engineering students can take the course to know more about C programming and microprocessor. The course covers the intro of microprocessors and assembly language, C and inline assembly, compiling C to assembly language, and C++ along with special functions.

2. Demystifying Networking by Professor Sridhar Iyer, IIT Bombay

This course includes networking concepts and technologies for students with no experience in the field. The course delves deeper into the technologies helping students to have a better understanding of networking. It includes security, troubleshooting, application layer, routing, etc.

3. Big Data Computing by Prof. Rajiv Misra from IIT Patna

The course includes several factors about Computer Architecture, Data Structure & Algorithms, Database Management Systems, and Operating System. The students will be able to cover easily Big Data Platforms, Big Data, Enabling Technologies, Big Data Applications, Big Data Streaming Platforms, etc.

4. Python for Data Science by Professor Ragunathan Rengasamy from IIT Madras

In this course, basic data science algorithms cover the introduction Spyder, sequence data types and associated operations, data frame related operations, etc. The last week will include a Case Study on classifying personal income and predicting the price of pre-owned cars.

5. Introduction to Machine Learning by Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar from IIT Kharagpur

The course will include an understanding of Deep Learning covering basic clustering algorithms. It covers the introductions of Machine Learning along with Linear Regression, overfitting, Decision trees, Logistic Regression, Neural Networking, etc.

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