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India Cements partners with construction 3D printing startup Tvasta

India Cements partners with construction 3D printing startup Tvasta

CHENNAI: India Cements has tied up with IIT-Madras incubated construction 3D printing startup Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions to promote sustainability in the construction sector. The partnership will see India Cements and Tvasta work together on R&D and exchange of technology to develop new raw material formulations used in 3D printing applications and offer mutual strategic support for key projects to bring in cost and time-effective dwelling solutions.

The two companies said in a statement that the 3D method of construction uses 30% less water and sand, and the parties have already worked together on certain projects including ones at Jaisalmer and Gandhinagar for the Indian Air Force and an ongoing infrastructure project in Mumbai for a corporate entity.

This is a one-of-its-kind tie-up for the construction industry, and in line with India Cements’ nation building initiative as it celebrates its 75th anniversary, the statement added.

The MoU was signed on Wednesday by Rupa Gurunath, whole-time director, India Cements, and Vidyashankar C, co-founder and COO, Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, in the presence of senior management team of India Cements and co-founders and investors of Tvasta. IIT-Madras faculty members were also present along with representatives of Third Derivative (USA), a global climate technology accelerator, joining virtually.

The parties hope that this partnership makes way for more “digitized and sustainable construction methods” and nudge the industry to adopt such practices.

“We are excited that this technology delivers cost-effective construction method that offers quicker turn arounds as compared to conventional methods. But what we are particularly enthusiastic about is that this methodology is more eco-friendly, with lesser consumption of water and sand, two of our most precious resources provided by Mother Nature. ‘Sustainability’ is a new phenomenon for the construction industry, and we are privileged that this partnership is just about to bring it within the easy reach of the common man in our country,” said Rupa Gurunath.

“We are confident that this partnership will significantly improve our technology’s orientation to sustainability, resulting in highly-efficient and targeted solutions. Not only will this lead to an expedited unification between technology, sustainability and construction in India, but with the support of India Cements, this will pave the way for such a unification in the global markets as well,” said Vidyashankar.

Founded in 2016 by IIT Madras alumni, Tvasta’s technology focusing on leveraging automation and robotics in 3D printing platforms for faster, economical and sustainable construction methods compared to conventional technologies. India’s first 3D-printed house was constructed by Tvasta on the IIT-Madras campus. Additionally, as part of the Covid-19 Response Initiative, the company was also instrumental in the erection of ‘India’s First 3D Printed Doffing Units’ (in collaboration with Saint Gobain), for multiple hospitals, in and around Chennai.

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