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IIT-Madras partners with ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems

IIT-Madras partners with ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems

CHENNAI: ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Technology – Madras focusing on ‘Mobility and Intelligent Transportation’ (MInT).

This includes building the Bharat Multi-Modal Mobility Stack (BM3S), a “digital mobility infrastructure empowering development of system solutions for sustainable and intelligent transportation globally,” said the company in a statement.

P Kaniappan, MD, ZF Commercial Vehicles Solutions India, said, “This collaboration with IITM is a definitive step towards addressing challenges of modern mobility. BM3S has the potential to revolutionise how we approach transportation, in India and the world.”

Manu Santhanam, dean industrial consulting and sponsored research, IIT-Madras, said: “IIT-Madras has multiple centres working in mobility and digital technologies. The MInT collaborative and this partnership with ZF, a global leader in mobility products and solutions, will help accelerate mobility research to practice.”

BM3S will enable advancements in electric vehicles, autonomous driving and intelligent transportation systems by seamlessly integrating data streams, payment systems, vehicle technologies, and digital twin models. This collaboration aims to “co-create a digital platform that will drive the development of holistic system solutions,” said the statement.


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