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IIT Madras inaugurates its Largest Hostel on Campus

IIT Madras inaugurates its Largest Hostel on Campus

Indian Institute of Technology Madras has inaugurated its largest students hostel, which can accommodate as many as 1,200 students. Called ‘Mandakini,’ the building was constructed after an older hostel building was demolished.

It has been constructed at a total cost of Rs. 146.75 Crore and was inaugurated today (21st February 2022). All hostels in the IIT Madras campus are named after Indian Rivers.

A video of the New Hostel Building can be viewed and downloaded from the following link – Click here to view

A state-of-the-art building with 10 storeys and a built-up area of 32,180 Sq.m., is designed for 4 Star Rating in GRIHA, a National rating system for Green Buildings, with various green building measures adopted in the design and construction stage. Solar Power panels and solar hot water system, are adopted to reduce the energy consumption of the building.

Speaking during the inaugural function, Mr. Deepak Kumar Sanghi, an IIT Madras Alumnus (1994 Batch) and Managing Director, Ecare India Private Limited, recalled fond memories of his time as a Hostel Student.

Rainwater recharge pits have also been provided inside the building. Existing trees were retained and transplanted. Mechanical ventilation is provided for the toilets. Low energy and Recycling materials were used for the building construction.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, said, “We (the institute) take pride in providing top quality accommodation for our students within our campus.”

Reduction in water consumption is achieved by the usage of Treated wastewater for flushing and landscaping. Both the Surface and Roof Rainwater is treated and reused for Potable water consumption.

Highlighting some of the unique aspects of this building, Prof. SA Sannasiraj, Chairman, Engineering Unit, IIT Madras, said, “The hostel was built without much delay in spite of C19 pandemic in the last 2 years and it caters to all the home and relaxation needs of the students.”

The building is designed in such a way that sufficient light enters each corridor and each room. The Interaction area with transparent light roofing at the terrace level is provided for casual relaxation of students.

The central courtyard opens to the sky and has a natural ambient space for relaxation in addition to sports facilities such as Basket Ball court, Volleyball court and Cricket practice pitch with net, among others.

The structure is PwD (Persons with Disabilities)-Friendly with exclusive 10 PwD accommodation. Staircase, Ramp and lifts in the entire structure were designed to be PwD friendly. PwD rooms with attached toilets have also been provided.


1. Single Room -203 Nos.

2. Double Room-506 Nos.

3. Guest Room- 03 Nos.

4. Assistant Warden Room- 1 Nos.

5. PwD Room- 10 Nos.

6. Badminton Courts- 4 Nos.

7. Store Room-1 Nos.

8. Fitness center- 1 No

9. Reading room – 2Nos

10. Refuge Area- 1 No.

11. Laundry Room – 20 Nos.

12. Electrical Service Room- 20 Nos.

13. Warden Residence – 2 Nos.

14. Office Room – 2 Nos.

15. Warden office Room- 2 Nos

16. Common room- 2Nos

17. Table Tennis, snookers & Carrom boardss- 2Nos

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