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IIT Madras CFI students conduct conclave to showcase cutting-edge technology

IIT Madras CFI students conduct conclave to showcase cutting-edge technology

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) students from the Centre for Innovation (CFI) conducted the second edition of annual Research Conclave on November 4.

The Research Conclave featured 73 projects, presented by 14 technical clubs and 7 competition teams. Over 800 students participated in the event, highlighting the widespread involvement and dedication to innovation.

The objective of the annual research conclave is to showcase the latest technology developed by students to other academics, industry professionals and investors. Further, a ‘Competition Team Demo Day’ was also organised featuring various prototypes developed by CFI competition teams in past six months.

Some of the notable projects showcased during the event included a solar-powered race car, a reusable sounding rocket, fixed-wing UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for military surveillance, a CFI Guide Robot, clean energy marine vessels, autonomous underwater vehicles for oceanographic exploration, a Braille book emulator, and sound-scaping spectacles for the auditory-impaired.

IIT Madras Alum Ravishankar Shiroor, Co-Founder, Stellapps, an IIT Madras incubated start-up, said, “I am excited to be at the 2023 Research Conclave of CFI @ IITM. Its the place where some of the brightest students of our country are innovating hands-on on the latest cutting edge of applying technology to solve real life problems. If you want to see first-hand all the latest innovation from the best next-gen entrepreneurs, this is the place to be!”

Some of projects showcased during the occasion include-

–  Solar-powered race car

– Clean energy marine vessels,&autonomous underwater vehicle for oceanographic exploration

– A reusable sounding rocket

– Braille book emulator, and sounds caping spectaclesfor the auditorily-impaired

– Fixed-wing UAVs for military surveillance.

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