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Gopi Koteeswaran [BT/ME/1993]-CEO, Latent View Analytics

Gopi Koteeswaran is the CEO of Latent View Analytics, a leading data analytics firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, helping them derive Insights from data.
Gopi has a history of leading global companies to positions of strength in geographically diverse markets. He began his career as a brand manager with Johnson & Johnson where he worked for a decade, finally spearheading the company’s Vision Care business in India and Malaysia. He then joined Philips at its headquarter in Netherlands, handling M&As and general management responsibilities. In 2010, he was named CEO of Philip’s Direct Life, a health and wellness business.
Gopi has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and MBAs from Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta) and International Institute of Management Development (IMD), Switzerland.