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Faculty Travel Grant – Guidelines

  1. What are the documents to be submitted while claiming?
    A.Kindly ensure the documents to be enclosed by the Applicant for the smooth processing while submitting bills for claim
    1. Travel Grant Application : Duly filled-in Application (Template above) & signed
    2. Covering letter detailing expenditure claimed & signed
    3. Invitation letter / email if any to be self attested by the claimant / endorsed by Faculty
    4. Approval for International Visit (relieving order) Xerox copy self attested by the faculty.
    5. Air Ticket with Boarding pass
    6. Original Bills for claim (whatever claimed from Alumni apart from any other funding)
    7. 7 Lost bills cases, if any, be at least listed with undertaking of missing & signature for the expenditure incurred with context.
    8. Per diem is not permissible,however only actual reimbursed within limit permissible by Committee
    9. Brief Report of the visit if it is abroad.
    10. For clarification : Mr. Karan: 044 2257 8358