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Desmond Nazareth [1981/BT/ME], Founder & CEO, Agave India

1. Awarded National Science Talent Scholarship & National Merit Scholarship (India)

2. Likely the first Indian awarded full University Fellowship to study Film & TV in the US at the Master’s level, right after completing BTech (IIT-M)

3. While based in the USA, created the first software toolset (1986, to deal with the Y2K bug problem and ran the longest lived Y2K software / services company in that field (12 years). Partnered with Wipro (1993 – 2000).

4. Co-developed an international 3D CGI feature screenplay “The Dance of the Monkey King” which is highly regarded and may yet be made as an international co-production (2004). Partnered with IIT-M classmate, Kannan Iyer, on this project.

5. Co-made “Souls and Spices” – a feature documentary on 500 years of Indo-Portuguese history (2003)

6. Co-made the first 13-part “Contacto Goa” TV series, dealing with the remnants of Portuguese influence in India, which aired internationally in 2006

7. Proposed and following up on a global project to deal with the mosquito menace using a unique method of handling mosquitoes based on how they are attracted to hosts

8. Developing a multi-generational empowerment project for the world’s bottom of the pyramid children

9. Co-founded “Agave India” (2007), a micro-distillery based alcobev company, which manufactures international quality, affordable spirits, liqueurs and alcoholic cocktail blends. Under brand name “DesmondJi”, Agave India has launched two agave spirits (in the same family as tequila and mescal), one sugarcane spirit (in the same family as the Brazilian spirit, cachaça), two orange liqueurs (made from the Nagpur orange), and two “just add lime” alcoholic margarita blends. http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/metroplus/article3339206.ece