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IITM M.Tech. students looking for core/ non-core placement: Please help….

Dear Alumnus/ Alumna,

The floods last December in Chennai have put a serious dent in hiring, especially for our M.Tech. students. Many companies never came back to campus as they fulfilled their needs from other colleges. I have been met by several M.Tech. students from Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering branches. I’ve been able to place a few of them, but many (all with high CGPA) are still looking for jobs. I have given their details below, Please consider for hiring in your organizations or refer them to potential employers. They are quite flexible in terms of the nature of the work, but all come with excellent analytical skills. You can contact them directly for further interactions. Thanks so much…. Nagarajan

1) Sourav Chandra
M-Tech (Chemical Engineering)
CGPA-7.01 (Low GPA due to severe hearing problem in the first semester. Now using hearing aids facilitated by I.I.T Madras)
M-Tech Project: Analysis and modeling of diffusion mechanism of salt solution in PVA-SSA
Email: souravchandra2k4.bit@gmail.com

2) V.Shiva Prasad
M-Tech (Chemical Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Modeling and Simulation of viscoelastic fluid in lid-driven cavity using COMSOL Multiphysics.
Email: v.shivaprasad4@gmail.com

3) Krishna Mohan
M-Tech (Chemical Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Molecular simulation of adsorption of Nano particles at spherical interface.
Email: kmv1014@gmail.com

4) B.Nagaraju
M-Tech (Chemical Engineering)
M-Tech Project:Modeling and Simulation of Batch Adsorption of single and multi-component solutes onto ActivatedCarbon.
Email: bnagaraju11@gmail.com

5) D. Pramod
M-Tech (Chemical Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Mathematical modeling and Rheology of complex fluids under large deformations.
Email: pramoddorishetty@gmail.com


1) Ankit Sharma
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Effect of Io-nano fluids as Enhanced Oil Recovery agents and their evaluation by Coreflooding experiments.
Email: as260491@gmail.com

2) Anurag Kumar Shastri
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Development of a high density Completion fluid for High Temperature and High Pressure operations.
Email: anuragkshastri@gmail.com

3) Arpit Chaudhary
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Geomechanical study to address subsidence/uplift at shallow depth for wellbore stability.
Email: arpit29492@gmail.com

4) CH Girish
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Determination of anisotropy of rock sample by non-destructive method.
Email: sarangirish18@gmail.com

5) Gaurav Bhargava
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Study the methane hydrate dissociation in a confined reservoir by chemical inhibitor injection.
Email: gauravbhargava28@gmail.com

6) Milind Agrawal
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Numerical study of polymer enhanced gas production from methane hydrate reservoir.
Email: milindag04@gmail.com
7) Nikhil
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Investigation of formation and dissociation of propane hydrate in porous medium.
Email: nikhilswami.ism@gmail.com
8) Nirav J. Chaudhary
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Study of fracturing fluids on addition of carbon nanotubes.
Email: nirav.1198@gmail.com

9) Jadav Shreeraj Rajeshbhai
M-Tech (Petroleum Engineering)
M-Tech Project: Effect of bio-surfactants on the formation of methane hydrates
Email: shreerajjadav@gmail.com